KV Computer Services - Bacstel

The Grange IBM iSeries Bacstel system is the UK market leader and the system will support any number of applications and all BACS Ltd BACSTEL service functions.

The system is a tried and tested solution for the processing of all payments providing a menu selection option, which is an easy to use and maintained system.

Sort Code and Account Number validation is becoming essential in the efficient processing of Bank Account data. When checked at source, potential costly errors can be resolved quickly, reducing time and effort, particularly when dealing with Direct Debits. Our Validation systems are available offering both an application interface (API) and stand alone User enquiries.

Sort Code and Validation data are regularly updated.

  • Unlimited Multiple applications (e.g. Payroll, Purchase Ledger)
  • Flexible Data map for easy input from any application
  • € Support for Euro transmissions
  • All Bacstel-iP Service functions supported
  • All Bacstel-iP data types supported
  • AUDDIS (Direct Debit Instructions) supported
  • Single and Multiple BACS Service User Numbers
  • Stand alone and Networked versions
  • Flexible User Profiles for security
  • Individual Record and File level value checks
  • Detailed Audit trails
  • History of transmitted files and BACS replies
  • Connections to BACS via Extranet and Internet