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With twenty five years experience of providing payroll software and solutions throughout the country, to company’s from a wide diversity of industries, we are now introducing our Payroll Bureau Service facility.

With our expert knowledge and experience within the payroll industry we are offering companies the facility to out source the processing of their payroll. This will remove the headache of having to remember current legislation and to update your system at crucial times with Tax, NI, Pensions etc., and leave your staff with more time to run your own business affairs.

We allow you to have numerous payments and deductions to cater for a variety of transactions that you may need to process also allowing for Pensions, Court Orders, Student Loans and all other statutory deductions that are required.

Detailed accurate reports are produced from the payroll process giving you a full analysis and breakdown of payroll costs by cost centre and the production of the employee’s payslip.

We also produce leavers P45 documents and process new starters P45 or P46 forms and will submit this information online directly with HMRC for accurate and prompt filing.

On the completion of the payroll process we will forward all documentation to you together with a schedule of your employee’s pay for you to process through your Bankers or with prior arrangement this can also be taken care of for you.

Year End processing and production of the statutory P14 and P35 documents direct with HMRC and the production of the employee’s P60 Year End document are all included within our Bureau Service.

For a competitive price comparison or should you wish to discuss the outsourcing of your payroll processing, please contact us and we shall be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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