KV Computer Services - Personnel

KVPERS is versatile, flexible and a comprehensive solution to HR with a full range of features that are easy to use and parameter driven.

It is recognised that no two companies operate in the same way and the system has been designed accordingly, giving the user flexibility and control of the various options available.

Security is fundamental for an HR solution and KVPERS recognises this fact with password protection and can also impose restrictions on a user to restrict their entry level to various options preventing the access to sensitive information.

The requirements of HR departments vary considerably and the design of the software will allow the user to take full advantage of all the features or if preferential preferences are required some of the features may be omitted.

KV HR solution will provide your business with an effective tool to obtain easily accessible reports and statistics for work flow management, organisational effectiveness and deliver employee information individually or by departmental structure. The retention of employee history details and records simplifies the task of retrieving historical data at any time and covering specified time scales.

  • Full Security
  • Fully Integrated with KVPAY
  • Complete Employee Personal Information
  • Medical & Health
  • Absence Details and Full SSP Calculation
  • Training Details
  • Holiday Details
  • Safety/Accident Details
  • Job Details and Description with History Records
  • Company Car and Property Register
  • Appraisal – Recording and Reporting
  • Numerous Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Job Applicants
  • Diary/Memo
  • Employee Details over 12 month period
  • Graphical Interface